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I am a web backend developer, though I’m open to experiment in other fields as well. You can look at my projects on:

See my CV in PDF format here.


  • Bachelor: University of Science and Technology of Hanoi, 2018-2021

Free Software work

I support free software by writing it and contribute to some projects within my ability. Below are some projects I’ve participated in development.

Web apps


Acanban is an in-development academic-oriented project management system.

So far, we have implemented only basic project collaboration features. There is much work to be done in the future.



Palace is a 3D audio library in Python. It is a wrapper around OpenAL for Python, expecting to provide developers with modern and intuitive utilities for audio processing.

See demo in the video below (or see it on my Peertube):

Chat bots

Discord meme bot

Meme bot is a meme bot for discord using Reddit API.



I added face culling and added texture to the 3D shooting game axuy by McSinyx.


The game uses palace for 3D audio by the way.


Floating cheeses

The interplanetary wheels (or floating cheeses) are platform-unique, singly-versioned Python binary distributions backed by IPFS for security and reproducibility.

I occasionally participated in packaging for these distributions.


I am packaging dictd for Alpine Linux. It is unfortunately not done yet.


Non-free software work

Not all of us can afford the luxury of being able to work full-time as free software developer. I still appreciate my time working in a non-free software company for the knowledge and experience I gained from there.


During my internship at VCCloud, I have worked with several problems related to mail, namely:

  • disposable mail service
  • mail tracking1
  • mail searching

  1. I feel guilty working with a privacy-invading feature, but given the context that it is business email, it probably does not matter much. ↩︎

Articles from blogs I read Generated by openring

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US citizens: call on the Senate to end the filibuster and pass the For the People Act.

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The openSUSE Project has a lot going on lately. The project just released Leap 15.3, had 24-hour release party in the openSUSE Bar and opened a survey to get feedback on the release of the new Leap version. There are many other things happening and one of…

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Fuzzing is Beta Ready

We are excited to announce that native fuzzing is ready for beta testing in its development branch, dev.fuzz! Fuzzing is a type of automated testing which continuously manipulates inputs to a program to find issues such as panics or bug…

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