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[Announcement] This site is moved to

Short announcement: I’m moving my blog to for now. Reasons: SourceHut is going to require payment for build service 1 starting from June 2021. I have nothing against this decision – it makes sense, and SourceHut is going to be paid-only2 service anyway. In fact, I’m planning to pay for SourceHut when I get financially independent. But for now, I am not, and furthermore I am not actively using sourcehut3, so paying is not financially wise.

On a slightly related note, I still have not figured out my financial plan in the future. I’m not that good at programming, so I don’t expect myself to write some software so good that I can live on donation. That means I will have to work in some company, which means I’d likely have to write non-free software, or software I’m not enthusiastic about, both of which I find awful to think about.

  1. No, I don’t need build service for, but I don’t like manual upload using token. ↩︎

  2. After alpha stage, it is only free of charge for contributors. I’ll also change my code host service, if I still find myself unable to pay. It doesn’t make much sense to pay to just host some config files and personal website, but maybe I’m a bit entitled. ↩︎

  3. I’m currently having to deal with a school-credit internship, so I don’t have time and mental energy for writing free software. ↩︎

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